Our Instructors

Professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm are the trade mark of all Kuk Sool instructors

  • Gloria
  • Robert
  • Emily

GloriaGloria is a 3rd degree black belt who joined 16 years ago at the same time as her sons. Though she comes from a background of participation in team sports, she enjoys the self-discipline of martial arts and the challenge of mastering the many aspects of Kuk Sool. She feels that Kuk Sool has helped her with her confidence as well as humility and improved her assertiveness, patience and compassion. The fact that Kuk Sool Won offers so many different aspects of the martial arts means there is something to interest everyone no matter their particular talent. Gloria has been teaching kids' classes for 14 years and finds it very rewarding to see the progress of each child through the ranks. She especially enjoys the challenge of reaching out to kids who might not have had much success in other sports to try to bring the best of their abilities and confidence.

RobertRobert Rosales (2nd degree black belt) has been practicing Kuk Sool Won for over nine years. The benefits Robert has gained from Kuk Sool are confidence, being physically fit, becoming more open minded about things and more patient. He enjoys teaching in Children's classes and hopes he plays a role helping those children attain the benefits he has received from Kuk Sool.
"You just have to keep on trying to get it right and eventually you can do things you never thought you'd be able to do."

EmilyEmily began studying Korean martial arts at age 9. From her very first kick, she was hooked. She’s been studying Kuk Sool Won for over seven years. A 1st degree black belt, she is currently training for her second degree. She teaches in the adult intermediate and beginners’ classes on Wednesday nights, striving to draw out the very best in her students in a fun, respectful environment. She believes that Kuk Sool is a lifelong endeavor that teaches discipline, respect and confidence.